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The Traveling Yogi: Charleston Power Yoga

Goooooood Morning, Yogis!

Whew, what a week it has been! Between traveling to Charleston, South Carolina for work, to finding out I'll be teaching a class at Black Swan Yoga Houston (Kirby location, 3:00 pm on Saturdays, starting THIS WEEK!!), to fighting a cold, to the Astros going to the World Series, I'm on high emotion-overload here. But these are all good things - Even the cold, which has forced me to slow down and take care of myself in the midst of everything (at least that's what I keep repeating over and over to myself, namaste).

I had a lot going on in Charleston (which, if you've never been to the charming city, GO), and I was able to sneak away one morning for a yoga class at Charleston Power Yoga.

And like everything else in the city, the yoga studio was incredibly charming. Housed in what appears to be a historic building, the space is intimate, cozy, and inviting. That morning, I took a Power 60 class, taught by Beth, one of the studio's co-creators.

I arrived early to work on my splits (I'M ALMOST THERE, Y'ALL), and Beth introduced herself to me. I told her I was from Houston, and she asked if I had ever been to YogaOne or Big Power Yoga. Why yes, I have, many times - What a small yoga world this is!

The actual studio is a long room, painted with soothing colors, and enough space for two rows of mats facing tall, beautiful, framed mirrors. The class I took was a Baptiste-inspired Vinyasa Flow - So if you've ever taken a class at Big Power Yoga (or anywhere else that teaches in the Baptiste style), you'll know that the heated class was intense, sweaty, and POWERFUL. Combined with Beth's super approachable and humorous personality (which, lordy, I needed during those long Warrior 1 holds...that pose is nothing short of my arch nemesis, just bein' real, y'all), the class left me feeling refreshed and empowered! Oh and added bonuses? Another yogi from the studio walked around the room and provided hands-on assists throughout the class, AND we received a cold lavender towel to put over our eyes (or wherever needed cooling!) during savasana....Heaven!

If you're traveling to Charleston anytime soon, and you want to get your asana on, Charleston Power Yoga is a great option for a complete mental, spiritual, and physical practice!

The Skinny

  • Class Type: Power 60 - Baptiste Inspired
  • Cost: $20 for drop-in ($2 for mat rental)
  • Heated? Yes
  • Mirrors? Yes
  • Music? Yes
  • Level: All levels
  • Location: On Charleston's popular King Street
  • This class will make you feel... Sweaty, empowered, strong, grounded
xo, and namaste! - Kim
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