Because I always need yoga...and I sometimes need chips.



Well hello there, friends!

My name is Kim, and as the title of this blog suggests, I love chips and yoga!

*sidenote: alternate blog titles that ended up on the cutting room floor were as follows:

- Wine & Yoga (already taken)
- I Love Chin Stands (kind of mean to the other poses, don't you think?)
- KP Yogi (snooze fest)
- Popcorn & Yoga (I love chips more)
- 80s Dance Party (....I might be renaming it to this...stay tuned)

**second side note: When reversing your warrior, as shown above, make sure that your back foot is perpendicular to your front foot, toes pointed more in, thanks!

So yes, my name name is Kim, and I live and breathe yoga (and sometimes chips). I am an RYT-200 hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor based in Houston, Texas. I received my certification from the awesome Black Swan Yoga Houston. I live with my awesome partner-in-crime husband Jon, and our two maniac wonderful dogs, Newton and Baxter.

(I'm not choking Newton in that photo, he was falling off the bench I swear. And just look at Baxter throwing such shade, these are joys of my heart, y'all.)

I eat a vegan diet at home (when I'm not hungover and in need of mac and cheese, IT HAPPENS), and I am vegetarian while eating out. I plan to do a whole post on this because, a) I LOVE food, and b) people always have a lot of questions about my diet. The Cliff Notes version is, I started a plant-based diet in 2014 as an effort to practice ahimsa (nonviolence), and then after trying it a for a bit, I found out that physically I felt AMAZING. So....animals, plus feeling really frackin' good, I dig it! And while it may seem contradictory, I voluntarily cook meat for my husband all the time, so this is a 100% judgment-free zone y'all! But more on all of that later. :)

Speaking of cooking, I LOVE to cook, and of course, eat. I am transitioning to this blog from a four year stint with a super fun food blog that was my total pride and joy. Also, I'm a book nerd, I will choose outside seating over inside 99% of the time (even in August in Houston at 2:00 pm, those of you from here know what kind of 7th circle of hell that is), I adore traveling, I'm a big fan of baseball (Go Astros!), If I hear "Africa" by Toto I totally lose my mind, and I love love LOVE the people in my life!

From this blog you can expect some of my rambling yogic thoughts on life, meditation techniques, asana (the physical practice of yoga) pose breakdowns, plant based recipes, vegetarian restaurant reviews, travel posts, and much more!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to connecting with you through this little blog, and I am excited to dive on in!


*Photos: Gabby Marsh Photography and my sister Emily. :)
4 comments on "Introductions!"
  1. Love this, Kim! I'm going to share your site with some other friends. Best, Syd

    1. You are so sweet Sydney, thank you! Much love to you and the kiddos, xo

  2. Love it love it love it love it so damn much!!! Your writing voice is exactly your IRL voice and I love your authenticity! CHIPS & YOGA 4EVA

    1. Thank you Holland, I so appreciate your kind words and support, and mutual love for chips and yoga! ;)