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My Morning Routine

Good Morning, Friends!

I have a confession to make: I am a morning person. I LOVE mornings, and I love being a morning person, but I admit it sometimes can be a total drag when I'm out with friends and fighting to keep my eyes open come 10:00 pm (....okay, 8:30 pm). When the sun is up, I'm up, and when the sun goes down, I am completely down for the count. All that said, I wouldn't trade my magical mornings for anything.

I became even more of a morning person after reading the book The Miracle Morning, and I was completely hooked. This book essentially lays out six things to do in the morning before starting your day that can help you achieve your best day/year/life/etc. possible. I DEFINITELY recommend it. The author, Hal Elrod, researched the habits of many successful and happy people, and across the board six things kept coming up (SAVERS - Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing). While I definitely recommend reading the book, I'll lay out what my particular Miracle Morning (and beyond) looks like. And keep in mind, the timing of the Miracle Morning varies from day to day. While Elrod says we really don't need as much sleep as we've been told, I know that for me to function at my personal best, I need 7+ hours of sleep (I know, I KNOW, wait 'til I have children!). So the length of my Miracle Morning depends on when I wake up, which depends on when I go to bed. Additionally, while I should do the Miracle Morning every day, I typically only really do it on week days. I should extend to the weekends though, maybe I'll figure that into my 2018 resolutions....

Aaaanyhoo! My mornings look like this:

1) Stumble out of bed and over the dogs. Brush teeth, drink a full glass of water, make coffee.

2) Meditate (Silence) - I generally meditate for 10 minutes, give or take 5 minutes in either direction. I like to use an app called "Calm," where you can choose different nature sounds or chanty music, and set a timer for however long you'd like. They also have some guided meditations I sometimes use. I am not by any means a pro meditator, but taking these 10 minutes of stillness is such a wonderful way to start the day. I try to focus on my breath, and I'll often do a full body scan, visualizing my breath filling up each part of my body as I go from toes to forehead (third eye center). Does my mind wander? Oh, all the time (and usually it's food-related)! But I offer myself grace, and just come back to my breath when I realize I've gone on a little mental walk.

3) Visualization - This is probably my weakest area, aka the one I spend the least amount of time on. I'm a very goal-driven person, so I'm constantly stuck in the future and where I'm going (when I need to be more present anyway), so I kind of breeze over this one. But I do try to focus on where I'd like to see myself in the next 6 months, year, 5 years, 10 years, etc. I think I also skim over it because I often am picturing the same things over and over. But really there's value in seeing your aspirations and dreams repeatedly, SO.

4) Run back up to the kitchen and grab my coffee.

5) Affirmations - I have written out several affirmations that I read through in the mornings, depending on what I feel I'm needing more of in my life at that moment. Sometimes I write new ones, based on things that are going on. Examples of what some of my affirmations are about: health (eating mindfully, regular exercise), striving to be the best possible version of myself, saving money, staying present, being a great partner to my husband, etc.

6) Journaling (Scribing) - Lately that has looked like writing in the 52 Lists for Happiness book my friend Danielle gave me for my birthday, looking up journal prompts and writing in my journal about them, or just writing about what's on my mind that day!

7) Reading - I'll pick a  non-fiction book to read that has to do with self-improvement or world awareness. To give you an idea of what that spectrum looks like, I recently finished Brené Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection and I've now picked The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan back up (it's not an easy one for me, and I had to put it away for a year). I generally read roughly 10 pages a morning, maybe more or less based on time.

8) Exercise - Since July, this had looked like me spending 10 minutes on working on my splits, both sides. However, two weeks ago, I was reeaaally close, got overzealous, and did something to my right hamstring in the process. (Note to self: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY). So I'm currently on a hiatus from the splits, and am coming to terms with the fact that I will have lost some of my momentum, but oh well! Better to rest it than to get a real injury. So in the meantime, this has looked like me doing some push ups, crunches, and working on my headstand!

9) Shower and get ready for work.

10) Walk the more energetic (read: needier) of our two dogs, Newton.

11) Eat breakfast! My breakfast of choice lately has been a tofu scramble with vegetables or a piece of toast. Delicious!

And that's what my morning routine typically looks like! While I am a morning person, I assure you I don't always wake up singing with birds flying through my hair. Here's a photo to prove it:

No, I haven't washed my hair since Tuesday, why do you ask?

Even though I may come out of bed looking nothing short of a monster, that treasured hour or so all to myself is such a gift, and so worth waking up for! If you're interested in trying the Miracle Morning, but maybe a little overwhelmed/worried about waking up early, start small. Maybe dedicate one or two minutes to each element of the Miracle Morning, or add or subtract certain things as you see fit. The world is your oyster! If you have any questions, or if there's something you do that brightens your day and inspires you to be the best you, I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

xo and namaste! - Kim
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