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My Social Media Detox, AKA "Where the Hell did Kim Go?"

Yo, I did it.

(Also, trying a balancing pose in full on snow gear? Level 10 Difficulty.)

(Also, here's a video of me "snowboarding" because I know you need a good laugh):

If you've been reading along (thank you!!), you know that I went on a social media detox as one of my New Year's Resolutions during the month of February (plus 2 days to make it 30 days). I thought it was going to be incredibly difficult and awful, was exactly the opposite!

The first two days were tough. I found myself reaching for my phone often, to do what exactly, I'm not sure. It was an impulse - Reach for phone, check social media, check email, repeat. But after those first two days, everything was smooth sailing, and I quickly found that I didn't miss it at all!

There were a few times I had to "break" my detox, which I'll lay out here:

1) When my husband Jon and I got to Colorado for vacation, I realized I hadn't printed out the instructions to get to (and in) our condo we rented. I had to open the email from my phone (which I'd sworn off as part of the detox) to access the information. There were a few other times things like this happened, but it wasn't a lot, and I did not feel dominated by my phone in any way.

2) I needed to get two yoga classes covered because I was going out of town, and the way to do that is through our teacher Facebook groups. That happened once, and I quickly got off as soon as that was taken care of.

My biggest takeaway from my month of no social media (besides those few times I mentioned, plus my work obligations, which you can read about in my previous post) is that I felt so much more present to everyone around me and my surroundings. I also noticed how much other people check their phones in social situations, as I know I certainly had as well. It really was freeing, and I don't really have any desire to be on social media like I used to. As of this writing (not counting today where I will be posting this blog post on social), I only went back on my social media accounts twice since the end of my detox, two weeks ago. And I really didn't like it. My first time back, I was on for about five minutes, and thought, "This kind of sucks." People have these exciting life changes they post about online, and how much nicer is it to find out from them personally (if you are close) than opposed to via the internet? Yes, there are benefits to social media, don't get me wrong. This process taught me, however, that I feel so much better, more present, and happier when I am limiting my access to it. I have been checking emails from my phone, but not compulsively like I used to. I put the email app in an inconspicuous spot on my phone, so I have to make the effort to get to it. I also tried playing Candy Crush a few times since, and I was way less enthralled/addicted than I used to be. Successes all around, I'd say!

Moving forward, I'd like to limit my social media use to once a week. If it happens more than that every now and then, so be it, but I have no reservations about doing another social media detox should the need arise. If you have any questions about this, or if you've done a social media detox yourself, I would love to hear about it in the comments! I cannot recommend it enough. I personally loved it, and, no, I didn't die.


xo and namaste! - Kim

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