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Life Updates, AKA "Where the Hell Did Kim Go?" Part 2

Hello yogi friends! I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I've just been a *tad* preoccupied.

Yep, back in February a pregnancy test revealed to me that - no I wasn't going crazy, my body was feeling super weird for a pretty valid reason - my husband and I were going to have a baby! And we found out a few weeks ago that it's a boy!

(Having no brothers, and being a person who really identifies herself by the strong female relationships in her life, I literally have no idea what to do with a boy, except for dress him up like a little gentleman in bow ties and suspenders all the time. And that's literally my entire parenting plan.)

Questions I've been frequently asked since getting knocked up:

Are you still mostly vegan?
No. But I am still vegetarian. Multiple medical professionals advised me to start eating eggs again, so I have. I've incorporated some dairy as well. I've done my research, and everything I've seen demonstrates that vegetarians can definitely still have healthy babies, BUT they have to make sure they are getting enough protein. Noted.

Did you have morning sickness?
Once, during the last week of the first trimester, while I was doing one of my Miracle Mornings (I hesitate to even call it that, given the circumstances). I was like, "Really, Baby? You played it cool for 13 1/2 weeks, and NOW you decide put my head in the toilet?" (Too much information?) The biggest symptom I had during the first trimester was that I was unbelievably exhausted. That's part of what tipped me off to being pregnant. I mean, I could barely lift my head most days, it was so severe and truly awful. There's a whole science experiment going on in my body, so it makes sense. I finally got my energy back around Week 11, which was WONDERFUL. And let me tell you, the second trimester is pure MAGIC!

Are you still practicing/teaching yoga?
Yep! I've scaled back a bit though and stopped practicing hot yoga, at the advisement of my doctor, nurse, and doula. Like being in a sauna, they worry about cooking the baby while it's in utero, I GET IT. Though many other people attest that if you've been practicing hot yoga pre-pregnancy you're totally fine. I am most certainly not a medical professional, so I am not giving an opinion either way - I'm just personally erring on the side of caution! As long as I still get to practice, I don't mind a milder temperature! And speaking of my doctor, nurse, and doula, they are all thrilled that I'm a yogi. I don't do back bends, deep twists, or intense core work anymore. And I stopped working on headstands and handstands (I tend to fall over a lot, which *apparently* is also not good). I also stopped working on my splits because when you're preggers your body releases a hormone called relaxin that literally - you guessed it - relaxes your body, uh, down there. Meaning, things are loosened up, and you are susceptible to tearing, as well as other fun things like slipping a disc. I pulled a muscle in my low back a few weeks ago during spin class and have been taking it easy since. PREGNANCY IS JUST SO LOVELY.

Any food cravings?
SWEETS. I'm so not a sweet-toothed person, but I've wanted chocolate chip cookies like they're going out of style. I also bought a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch because cereal is so good to me right now. This is weird because I think it had been at least 10 years since I'd last had cereal. Pregnancy, man.

Any food aversions?
COFFEE, WAHHHHHHH. It tastes SO awful to me, like pure metal! So to recap, I was completely exhausted during the first trimester, and I couldn't even have my one measly cup of coffee to help me out a bit, because the thought of taking a sip made me want to punch a wall (namaste). On the plus side, I knocked out my biggest New Year's Resolution of weaning myself off coffee, and it was done by the third month of the year. On the downside, in addition to my beloved wine, I can no longer have my other beloved, coffee (fun fact: getting knocked up also tackled my 30 day No-Alcohol like 736 days, give or take a few). *sigh* I know when I have a smooshy, cute, bow tie-wearing little baby in front of me (maybe give him a monocle, too?), this will all seem like a distant nightmare.

And yes, while I joke about a bunch of not fun things that happen during pregnancy, and while I'm learning a lot of really gross things about the human body (like, really gross), and while said gross things happen and my husband gives me a grossed out look I always yell "YOU DID THIS TO ME!", and while Coco left me a complete wreck for at least an hour (that movie really needs to come with a warning label for emotional pregnant women), I cannot tell you how excited I am! I don't have a noticeable bump yet (more than anything, it just looks like I ate a crap ton of French fries and chocolate chip cookies...a not *entirely* untrue statement), but I catch myself staring in awe of my growing belly every day. I'm so grateful that everything has gone smoothly so far, and that I have such a supportive husband and network of friends and family. So thank you for letting me share my pregnancy story with you! As always, if you have any questions, I'd love to hear them in the comments section!

xo and namaste! - Kim
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