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Eat the Damn Cookie(s).

I'm about to get real with y'all.

A couple of weeks ago, during the meditation portion of my Miracle Morning, I kept getting wildly distracted about the fact that I had gained 12 pounds since becoming pregnant. This was a whopping four pounds more than the recommended amount, based on my pre-pregnancy weight and height. And while I logically knew that being fixated on this was nothing less than completely dumb, and that, hello, I'm creating a whole human inside of me, and that I am such a proponent of NOT fixating on we were.

And then I felt my baby move for the first time.

And then I cried.

It was like he was saying, "Mom! You're creating me right now! Get over yourself!"


Babies, man.

Since becoming pregnant, I've heard the following statements from people on a loop:

You're so healthy and thin to begin with, you won't put on that much weight!

You're a yoga teacher, I bet you'll barely have a belly! (any yoga teachers feel me on this one?)

So-and-so didn't even show until her 8th month of pregnancy!

So-and-so only gained 10 pounds during her pregnancy!

So-and-so DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT! (HOW. WHY. Give me your super powers.)

And while these are well-meaning statements that certainly come from a genuine place of love and comfort, I twisted them around in my head and used them to put lots of pressure on myself. And for what, exactly?

This is NOT a post on the societal pressures women feel to have a perfect body, EVEN while they are pregnant (a sad, but very real truth). Believe me, I could go on for days about this topic. This is a post about living your life, pregnant or not, and eating the damn cookie(s), if that's what you want.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of healthy eating. But I am also a huge proponent of moderation and not denying yourself.

I had a second wake-up call a week later after seeing a picture someone posted of me on Facebook. I was out of town and frantically texting my husband. "Do I really look like this? Please say I don't! How did this happen?" To which he calmly put me in my place. "Who cares? You're pregnant! You're making a baby! GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD YOU FREAKING PSYCHO AND BRING MY WIFE BACK!!!!"

(AKA, Eat the damn cookie(s).)

(Also, he definitely did not call me a freaking psycho, I was paraphrasing for dramatic effect. My husband is an exceptionally nice human being and nothing short of a saint.)

That's when I decided I will no longer weigh myself, and if there seems to be anything alarming happening, my doctor will let me know.

So why, exactly, am I emphasizing to eat the damn cookie? In the previous post on my pregnancy, I mentioned my newfound craving for chocolate chip cookies. I've since discovered that I'm generally loving sweets, and that fruit tastes like pure candy to me right now. I'm definitely more of a vegetable person than a fruit person, but this pregnancy has flipped that on its head. So while I'm giving myself full permission to indulge in cookie(s), I'm doing so in moderation, supplementing my sweet tooth cravings for fruit in between indulgences. I mean, that whole creating a human thing does make me want to take in good nutrients as well.

My husband and I were out of town a couple of weeks ago and having dinner one night. I looked at the desserts and blurted out, "OH MY GOSH FRIED OREOS AGGGHHHH." He shrugged and said, "Get them."

(and I did.)

Eat the damn cookie(s).

So while, disclaimer, I am certainly not a nutritionist or a medical professional, pregnancy has given me more insight into my own personal health and having a healthy relationship with food/my body. So if "eat the damn cookie(s)" is in direct conflict with what you personally need, or what your doctor recommends, please disregard every word I've said! I believe that having a healthy relationship with food and your body requires a unique prescription for every person, as we are all so beautifully different. My personalized health plan is to continue eating healthy whole foods (making sure I get enough protein for baby), stop weighing myself, keep my regular low-impact exercise up (yoga, walking, spin class), and fully embrace that there is something way bigger than me going on inside of my body. And every now and then, if I feel like it...

I'll eat the damn cookie(s).
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