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Tales from the Couch, Part 1

Greetings from week five of modified bed rest on my couch!

I figured I would start this series as a means of sharing my tips on surviving (and kicking ass at) bed rest, and to also have some fun while we are at it (there's a little contest at the end of this post)!

First off, I had to take short-term disability from work for the time being, which I totally get, but was super bummed out about. I truly enjoy my job, and I was afraid I would completely lose my marbles with having that huge part of my life gone. So I've gotten very creative about how I've been spending my time with my feet up. And don't be misled - This hasn't been all kicking ass and taking names. I've had my lows, to be sure, and many tears have been shed along the way. But I have to keep telling myself that this is only temporary, and that this is all for the health and well-being of my little guy. I just have to keep him cooking for 11 more weeks! Anyhoo, here are some of the things I've been up to:

Reading, reading, reading. I just finished The Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy, I sped through The Good Widow in one day (really recommend it), and I'm currently reading The Happiest Baby on the Block, the Hypnobabies birthing course, and a shit ton of magazines.

Knitting. I've known how to knit for many years, but at a very basic level. Thanks to YouTube, I learned how to knit with five double pointed needles and made a baby bear hat for my little guy! Next up is a matching bear hat for my husband - He requested it, scout's honor.

Learning Spanish. My mother-in-law is fluent, and I'm dying for her to teach our kiddo, so I figured I'd get in on the action! I'm using the Duolingo app, which is incredibly handy and fun.

Studying for the GRE. One of my life goals is to get my PhD. In what? I don't know. Where? I don't know. How? Online? Night classes? I don't know. I've really only begun to scratch the surface, but I figure I can study now and take the test after Baby arrives. The scores are good for five years, so I have some time to figure it out!

Taking advantage of getting out of the house for my weekly doctor's appointment, and sweet talking Jon into taking a 29-week bump pic.

Indulging in some television. I'm really actually not a big TV-watcher, nor do I want to spend a whole lot of my time doing that, so I'm not going crazy with the binge-watching. But I did finish Jane the Virgin (which I'd been watching the past few months), and I watched Queer Eye. Now I'm onto GLOW, which I'm really enjoying. Also - no judgments please - I'm watching Bachelor in Paradise (this is a safe space, y'all).

Hypnotizing myself. So one of the latest trends in natural births is called Hypnobabies. You basically listen to a bunch of tracks, learning to hypnotize yourself so you can create a super relaxing, fear-free environment for your birthing time. I'm pretty sure I'm not actually hypnotizing myself because basically I just fall asleep every time while doing it, but if it's relaxing me that much, I'd say it's a win! I like to view it as deep meditation, which I'm all about.

Going to weekly doctor's appointments. I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the highlights of my week! I get to GO OUTSIDE (in triple digit Houston weather, mind you), and I'll usually try to sweet talk Jon (my driver/husband) into picking up a library book for me on the way or buying me a green tea latte from the Starbucks drive-thru while we are out. Exciting times, y'all.

Ordering stuff on Amazon. Help.

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

Bed Rest Tip of the Week: Create a schedule for yourself. I know it seems a little nutty, but giving myself goals and to-dos that I can do in a horizontal position on a set schedule really helps me make good use of my time and not feel like a total waste of space!

Bed Rest Exercise of the Week: Rolling out my calves with a foam roller so I don't get blood clots. This doesn't always happen, as some days my contractions are a bit out of control and I really shouldn't be doing any kind of movement. But most days I find one or two times where I can safely do this!

Bed Rest Shout-Outs: While it's hard for me to go see everyone out in daily life like I used to, I've had so many loved ones come by, bearing food, gifts, and laughter to brighten up my days! Shout outs to these awesome folks who have visited over the past month: My sister Emily (who came down from Dallas to lay on the couch with me last week and help us out around the house), Mom and Dad, my in-laws Rudy and Rosemary, Lindsey, Drew, Mike, Shannon, Baby Anthony, Susan, Ian, Blake, Katie, and Baby Mary Kate! You all seriously have no idea how much you lifted my spirits. I also need to mention that unfortunately I'm not always up for visitors because things can go awry with my cranky uterus, so we have to turn friends away sometimes (Mere, Mark, and Kelly, I love and appreciate you!). I've also had countless friends and family ordering meals for us, which has been so incredibly helpful and appreciated! And many many phone calls from family and friends -- We really have such an amazing support system, and I am so deeply grateful for that!

***Now for the contest.......***

The first person who answers all five questions below correctly (all are related to this blog) in the comments section below in this blog post, or in the comments section of this Instagram post will get a fun Amazon gift* from me! If no one gets them all correct, then the first person with the most correct answers wins. Away we go!

*Valid for U.S. residents 18 and over. Gift valued at $5 or less, gotta have some self control!

1. What is the medical term for why I'm on modified bed rest right now?

a) Hostile Uterus
b) Irritable Uterus
c) Angry Uterus
d) Apathetic Uterus

2. Translate this Spanish phrase to English: Tengo una pregunta.

3. GRE Question of the week:

2x² = 32

Quantity A = x     Quantity B = 4

Which statement is true?

a) Quantity A is bigger
b) Quantity B is bigger
c) They are equal
d) Not enough information is given to solve this problem

4. What has been my biggest craving this pregnancy?

a) salt and vinegar kettle chips
b) pickles and ice cream
c) Dairy Queen blizzards
d) chocolate chip cookies

5. List the five words you see in this word search (forwards, backwards, diagonal) - Here are some clues:

Word #1: A muscular organ involved with childbirth
Word #2: A snack food
Word #3: A super awesome city
Word #4: A way to pass the time
Word #5: Anahata is one of these

Thanks for reading and playing along - Good luck!

xo and namaste,

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  1. Love you, bb!! You sound really good, hang in there!! But you gotta tell us what you ordered on Amazon! ;) Baby stuff I guess? Also I'm laughing at myself for not figuring out the last crossword clue without Google lol